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Simplify Agility Training
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Decrease injury risk
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Increase athlete performance
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Providing athletes with the best training possible has its challenges.
Even the best training can be limited if it is…
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lacking objective data
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time-consuming to complete
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staff dependent to implement
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Missing Visual Motor Principles

The Quick Board was developed to address these challenges and provide your
athletes with the most efficient and effective training methodology.

We call it Sports Agility Management.

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Quick Board simplifies training and
increases your athletes’ performance.
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Evaluate athlete agility with
our Agility Rating
In less than 5 mins, assess quickness, reaction, movement efficiency, and symmetry.
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Extensive Exercise Library
Includes over 75 exercises and workouts with demo videos.
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Quick Board acts as a coach by taking athletes through an entire workout.
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Significantly improve
training effectiveness
We utilize visual-motor learning principles proven to Increase Sport Performance.
Why Choose us?
No matter the size of your facility or the level of your athlete, training has its limitations. It can be challenging to assess agility, maintain a consistent effort, and track athlete progress.
With the Quick Board's proven methodology, you simplify agility training, increase motivation, and improve your athletes' performance.
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Only available on the Apple iPad.

Client Testimonials

The Quick Board is a game-changer for us. By tracking baseline data, we know if an athlete is trending in the right direction AND if they need more attention in certain areas. We use this for concussion, knee, ankle, hip, core, and shoulder rehab.
One of the best pieces of technology to assist in quantifying return to play readiness.
I have been using the Quick Board for a couple of years now and have not only seen great results, but I have seen patient/athlete cooperation and compliance increase dramatically.
Our clinic applies Quick Board for stability and return to function, including returning to weight-bearing symmetry. The Quick Board allows patients to perform and re-educate the nervous system while providing feedback with scores and errors.
Overall, the Quick Board makes training athletes and rehabbing patients exciting, competitive, and fun.
As a pioneer in the exciting new field of visual-cognitive-motor testing and training, I am keenly aware of the role that eye to foot agility, quickness and accuracy plays in athletic success.
In my opinion, there is no finer technology than The Quick Board for enhancing or rehabilitating visual-cognitive-motor proficiency.
Quick Board has played a critical role in developing my pro tennis clients for the last 9 years. It allows me to identify my athletes’ weaknesses and address them.
Quick Board has exceeded my expectations by increasing my athletes’ performance on the court and reducing their injuries.